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 We work to develop mutual economic and cultural relations between Poland and Pakistan.
The project was created out of the need to support Polish companies in Pakistan and Pakistani companies in Poland and the EU.

We will look for clients

We will look for cooperation partners and potential customers for the offered products.

Company representation

We will fully represent the interests of our partner in Poland and Pakistan.

Legal advice

We will provide legal services using the best law firms and efficient lawyers.

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With us you save time and money and quickly gain new markets. We are here for you.

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Our Team

all our partners are deeply involved in the Poland - Pakistan project

Leszek Borkowski
Leszek Borkowski
Managing Partner Poland

Manager and engineer with over 25 years of experience, project leader in Poland.

Naveed Asghar
Managing Partner Pakistan

Manager and Scientist involved in multiple businesses.

Suleiman Ahmed
Managing Partner Pakistan

Engineer involved in project management, leader in Pakistan.

Offices and warehouses

Providing warehouses, offices, sales and logistics for an easy start in a new market.

Quality Support Team

Dedicated, professional employees, committed to work, experts and engineers.

Safe business

Verified partners, transaction insurance, legal offices and international partners.

Multi language

In addition to Polish, English and Urdu, we can support in several other languages.

Online sales

We will undertake online sales, including warehousing, payments and shipping.

Product distribution

We organize the distribution and logistics of goods in Poland and Pakistan.

A little history about Polish Pakistani relations

The cooperation between Poland and Pakistan is rich and multi-faceted, covering political, economic, cultural, and scientific areas. Diplomatic relations between these countries were established on December 17, 1962. In terms of politics, both countries maintain friendly relations characterized by regular political dialogue and high-level visits. Polish officers and scientists have played a significant role in the history of cooperation, contributing significantly to the development of the Pakistani Air Force and space program.

In the economic sphere, cooperation focuses on energy, natural resource extraction, and trade. Trade turnover between Poland and Pakistan exceeded 500 million euros, with an upward trend. Polish companies, including those belonging to the PGNiG group, are actively engaged in exploring and extracting natural gas reserves in Pakistan. Pakistan also benefits from the European GSP+ preferential tariff system, which has facilitated an increase in Pakistani product exports to the EU.

Culturally, the Polish Embassy in Islamabad organizes and participates in many events, such as concerts, film festivals, and culinary events, aiming to promote Polish culture in Pakistan. The program "Poland & Pakistan. Music Without Borders" is an example of successful musical cooperation between the countries.
Scientific cooperation includes faculty and student exchanges, joint research, and partnership agreements between universities. Pakistani students can study in Poland, just as Polish students can in Pakistan, fostering the development of international academic contacts.

The history of Polish-Pakistani cooperation is rich and diverse, with strong cultural and scientific ties that date back to World War II, including Polish participation in the defense of Pakistan during the war with India in 1965, as well as in building the Pakistani army and aviation industry.

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